Hi! Your sense of curiosity led you down a wormhole and spit you out here: the Wieden+Kennedy 2023 Residency Program application.
From June through August, you’ll be working with the nicest, weirdest, smartest, dog-lovingest people at the world’s largest independent ad agency. From client briefs to creative concepts you'll be strategizing with teams to reinvigorate advertising with the meteor showers of your cosmic mind.
We’ll give you the tools to dive into that metaphorical wormhole called work, and fly with the wings you’ve had all along but probably never knew you had, at a place that’s going to change you the way books can’t.
Brain time means pay time. The residency pays $18$22 an hour, plus overtime for over 40 hour work weeks.
So, are you ready to dive in and dream a dream harder than any dream dreamt? Applications are due April 1, 2023.